Reset Your Day!

When your plans go astray, Reset Your Day. Whether your goals are short term or long term, you can only achieve them through the actions you take today. And the biggest setback to your success is getting off track. Your challenge throughout the day is to get back on course. As Brian Tracy, best-selling author and motivational speaker, says, "Character is the ability to follow through on a resolution long after the emotion with which it was made has passed." When you find yourself off track and discouraged, don't throw away the whole day. No matter what negative emotion you're feeling, stop and take a few moments to clear your mind and focus on the reasons behind your goals. Then you can Reset Your Day and move forward with renewed determination, back on your path to success.

Send Us Your Reset-Your-Day Tips

When did you need to reset your day? How did you do it? Let us know what worked for you and we'll post your story here to help others.

Reset Your Day for the New Year by Cleaning Clutter and Thoughts of Death

by Sharon Hassler, Reset Your Day

Do you get Oprah's OWN Network? Have you been watching? I thoroughly enjoyed her Lifeclass and Super Soul Sunday series. One of my favorite shows featured Tom Shadyac, a renowned Hollywood director responsible for some of Jim Carey's blockbuster movies and his "I AM" documentary. Tom rethought his life after moving into his fourth house and realizing he wasn't any happier with the latest and greatest mansion.


Chasing My Brain... Or How I Meditate

by Sharon Hassler, Reset Your Day

Meditation is something I've tried off and on over my adult life but I never achieved the kind of success one envisions... you know, that stillness and one-with-the-universe trance thingy you expect from someone like Shirley MacLaine. Me? I'm always chasing my brain.


Surrender to the Green Beans

by Michelle Bersell, Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Speaker, Author

One of my early spiritual teachers shared with me a story about her process of training to become a shaman. She had traveled all over the world, learning from amazing spiritual masters. Part of her last leg of preparation was working in a spiritual community, where each member of the community performed a certain task that would benefit the whole.


Notice What Happens… Before What Happens Happens

by Joy Silha, Martha Beck Life Coach

I keep trying to fully learn this lesson. And it’s ironic because I teach it: listen and notice signals from your body and your energy. The horses teach this well. Ray Hunt says that when you’re working with horses, try to notice what happens before what happens happens—I just love that concept!

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